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Treadmill Lube Oil & Wax to Industry Standards

Expert fitness UK is the Leading Authority in Treadmill Belt Lubricant testing, consulting and certification with the very latest formulas for the Ultimate in Treadmill lubricant performance.
Whether you ownCommercial Grade Treadmill or Home Use Treadmill despite what you may have been told, read or heard, unless your Treadmill is fitted with an on board reservoir ALL Treadmill Decks will require a Deck Re-Wax or Silicone Oil Lubricant at some stage.
Some Treadmill and Belt Manufactures label their products with Sales Specific "Pre-Lubed", "Waxless" or "Maintenance Free" Treadmill Belts. This is basically where an application of Wax, Silicone Oil lubricant etc has been pre-applied onto the surface of the Treadmill Deck or underside of the Treadmill Belt. However, this application won't last long! Depending on the hourly usage the Treadmill tolerates, this pre-lubricant can degrade and wear prematurely contributing to additional friction between the underside of the Treadmill Belt and surface of the Treadmill Deck. This in turn can create Deck and Belt wear but more importantly also cause "amp draw" which will often result in unnecessary Motor failure as well as Motor Control Board damage.
Do not confuse our Genuine Treadmill Lubricant with "off the shelf" general purpose Silicon Aerosol Sprays or Solvent Based Oils as these will cause Treadmill Running Belt failure over the long term.

A Simple Rule is: NEVER, EVER apply any Solvent, Petroleum or Aerosol based lube onto ANY type of Treadmill Belt backing Fabric!!! Our Tech Guys only use Pure Treadmill Lubrication when on-site servicing and any home Treadmill Belts deserve the same!

Remember: If its not Expert's logo on the bottle then its simply not our genuine Deck Lube Treadmill Lubricant in the bottle. YOU WILL NOT find our industry standard Original Deck Lube Treadmill Lubricant on Ebay or Amazon or any other third party reseller sites. We supply our customers directly so you gain from the Quality and Saving that a third party reseller would not match!   

Pure Silicone Oil Treadmill Lubricant  150ML Lubrication Kit  for Home Treadmills
Expert Fitness brand 100% Pure Silicone Home Use Treadmill Lubricant. Developed by us using a 30 year proven record!
£4.00 excluding VAT
Treadmill Oil Gym Grade Lubrication (Commercial Silicone)
Sizes: 250ml, 500ml or 5litre
£6.50 excluding VAT
PowerJog Treadmill Oil Belt Deck Lubricant (The Original) PowerJog Lube
Sizes:250ml, 500ml or 5litre
£6.95 excluding VAT
Treadmill Deck Belt Paraffin Wax Lube (Wax Powder)
Wax for Cotton Belts
£7.95 excluding VAT
Treadmill Deck Belt Paraffin Wax Refill (Ultimate Wax Powder)
Wax for Cotton Belts
£5.95 excluding VAT
Treadmill Deck Wax Hot Melt Lubricant (Wax Granules)
Applied onto Deck by Hot Iron
£6.95 excluding VAT
Fitness Equipment Clean Off Spray
The Original Cleaner Shipping Restriction
£4.95 excluding VAT
Treadmill Care Kit (Pure Silicone Oil Lubricant)
Shipping Restriction
£7.95 excluding VAT
Treadmill Care Kit (Wax Powder Lubricant)
Shipping Restriction
£11.90 excluding VAT
Liquid Treadmill Wax Lubricant Life Fitness Etc (Expert Brand)
Treadmill Liquid Wax Lubricant
£7.49 excluding VAT
Air Machine Treadmill Lube Refill Kit (Expert Brand)
(5-Litre Bag Refill Pack)
£47.00 excluding VAT
Treadmill Lube Oil Gym Grade Commercial Silicone Trigger Spray
Sizes: 250ml, 500ml Trigger-Spray
£7.50 excluding VAT
Treadmill Deck Lube Applicator and Tube
Spare Applicator Pack
£2.95 excluding VAT
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